Music Videos? YES!

This year I thought we’d add music videos to our lineup.

Any music genre will do. Let’s see what you’ve made, what moves you, what you’re passionate about.

Rachel Aldous’ Daddy’s Ol’ Shotgun Music Video.

Rachel is my cousin. She asked me to come out to San Diego and in one weekend shoot a music video for her. Not only did we shoot all this is one weekend, but we shot it all in one day. I posted ads looking for grips or PA’s who wouldn’t mind working for a good lunch and had two no-shows. We didn’t spend very much money on this at all. Pretty much food – as you’d expect – some gas money and whatever I had in my grip bag.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a cameraman. I not only lack the expertise, but I lack the technical knowledge to get the image I see in my mind’s eye. Having said that I’m mostly proud of shooting this on my Canon T3i. Edited on Premiere and colored in Speed Grade, also by me – again not my strong point.

Let’s see your videos! Tell us your stories of making your music videos!

– Benji